Sept 2019 – Ways to Ensure Forklift Safety

Forklifts are found in most warehouses and factories and are generally safe to use. However, when used inappropriately or by an untrained driver, forklifts can be dangerous and even fatal as shown by statistics from Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It reveals about 5427 workplace transport injuries and about 68 fatalities in year 2004/5, 24% of which were caused by Forklift trucks. Most injuries are caused by the heavy and sharp arms and the forklifts are also prone to tipping over if handled improperly.

With training from RTITB accredited organisation and right equipment, most accidents can be avoided. Here are some of things to consider:

Appropriate Forklift Training
It is vitally important that the forklift operator is trained for the job he/she is performing. If there is an accident involving a forklift truck with an untrained operator, then the organisation could be liable and sued for negligence. Read our March 2018 blog – What to Look for when Choosing a Forklift Training Organisation?

Effects of Whole Body Vibrations on a Forklift Truck Operator

Use Right Equipment for the Job
There are a number of different types of forklifts available to suit various jobs and terrains, such as Counterbalance, Reach and Moffett forklifts with electric or diesel power with a choice of tyres. For example, electric forklifts are best suited for indoor operations and light lifting. Heavier-duty diesel forklift may be required for lifting heavier loads and in outdoor yards. In tight spaces, a forklift with a good turning radius will improve safety, productivity and efficiency.

Maintain the Forklifts
It is vitally important that the forklifts are in good working order and are well maintained. Inspect the tyres, lights, signals and other critical parts of the forklift on a routine basis, as recommended by the manufacturer and is equipped with all safety accessories like corner mirrors to improve operator visibility. Inspection of forklift vehicles after each shift is recommended, or at least once in a day.

Other things to consider for safe operation of the forklifts are to create and enforce operating rules such as speed limits and to create awareness of the dangers for all the staff.

For more information, click here to visit the HSE website.

Wallace School of Transport is a fully accredited RTITB company and therefore rest assured that you will receive the best possible forklift training at an affordable cost. If you have any questions, call Wallace Forklift Training on 020 8453 3440, choose option 3 or click here to email us.

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