Safety Lighting for Forklift Trucks

Wallace Forklift Training has previously highlighted the risks involved in forklift truck operations. About a quarter of all workplace accidents involve a forklift truck. Other than training and ensuring that the forklift truck route and pedestrians are kept separate wherever possible, there are a number of safety features available that reduces the risks of accidents. Your forklift is probably equipped with headlights and tail or brake lights.

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However, in this blog we will highlight the use of other safety lighting on a forklift truck to enhance safety by increasing pedestrian awareness of moving hazards. There is a wide range of forklift safety lighting styles available from spots, arrows, arcs and strobes to suit most applications. The benefits of forklift safety lighting include:

  • Increased safety for pedestrians and operators
  • Available in different colours (generally red and blue), styles and designs to suit your needs
  • Can be retrofitted to the forklift truck
  • Uses long life LED bulbs
  • Robust and durable to withstand forklift truck operations in all environments
  • Provides an alternative to audio warning or you can combine audio and lighting

The different types of safety warning lights available include:

Danger Zone Lights - This projects a bright light on the floor to warn the pedestrians to keep away from this danger zone, i.e. creates a no go zone around the forklift truck. The zone area can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. This prevents foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing.

Forklift Arc Light – This an alternative to danger zone light. Instead of a zone, it projects a bright arc light in front of the direction of travel and basically provides the same benefits as Danger Zone Light.

Front and Rear LED Strip Lights – this offers extra visibility to the driver as well as warns pedestrians of the vicinity of the forklift truck. It also allows the pedestrians to identify the direction of travel as the light changes colour from white to red when the forklift changes direction.

Safety Spot Light – An LED light that projects a large spot in front of the forklift warning pedestrians and other vehicles. Particularly useful when approaching a blind corner or crossing aisles as the light spot is detected before the forklift truck giving ample warning to on-coming traffic.

Safety Arrow Light – Similar to the safety spot light with the same benefits but projects a large arrow light on the floor in front a few meters ahead of the direction of travel, either forwards or backwards.

Beacon Strobe Light – attached to a forklift truck, the LED beacon strobe light rotates and flashes during operation giving all round visibility and warning pedestrians and other vehicles. Beacon strobe light provides a cheap safety feature.

Safety lighting for forklifts is a relatively cheap form of increasing safety in the work environment. There are number options available and hence review them to select the one that best suits your requirements.

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