Pull no Punches – Training to make all staff, including pedestrians working alongside forklift trucks aware of real dangers and thus reducing injury risks. The training programme featured photos of real-life accidents and injuries.

Show Your Hand – Miscommunications plays a significant role in forklift truck accidents and hence FLTA’s safety partner Mentor devised a new campaign “Show Your Hand” using hand signals to communicate clearly even in a busy and noisy environment. As it is non-verbal, it works effectively across language barriers.

Get your Safety Site Essentials – This free on-line course for FLTA members covers the safety basics for anyone overseeing forklift truck operations and includes the standards and working practices that should be adhered to and training and safety awareness for operators.

Stay Informed – Membership of FLTA’s Safe User Group keeps managers and supervisors up to date with best practices and changes in legislation.

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